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Our review of Skylander’s: Spyro’s adventure


Well. The long awaited review for skylander’s: spyro’s adventure as promised. Now first, let me say this. Like everyone else, I HATED the concept of this game. Like most people, I considered that¬†Activision was doing the usual money grab. Plus, like everyone else, i hated the new Spyro design. To me, he looked out of place, and he looked like a pug that had been hit in the face with a shovel. But i digress. So, like most times when im bored, i was watching videos. I watched some gameplay for this game, actually enjoying how it was. I looked around and saw a lot of the same thing, people who had bashed it, starting to love it. Well, long story short, i gave in and bought it. Is it worth the 70 dollar price tag, PLUS the expense of other figures? Let’s get into the meat of this review and find out.

First of all, let me say, that this game was originally ONLY intended for the Wii. Which of course means the wii gameplay, as expected, is more tweaked and honed then the other console and handheld ports of course. So, how are the controls? Let me just say, that the wiimote, of course, cant do anything really invivative with the mechanics of this game, but its still fairly smart in how it uses it. Then nunchuck is used for moving, which can be just a tad clunky at times, especially while swarmed with enemies. That aside, most of the controls feel…well..natural almost. The terrain is easy to navigate through most levels, the camera usually stays in place, never falling through the ground or hiding ur character from sight. The only time this happened to me, was my own fault. So what do i think of the graphics? Stupendous for the wii. Again, nothing inivative with the graphics, but nice and crisp, with a small touch of nostalgia for the days of old, those clean, beautiful levels of original spyro games, being able to see the treasures, but not knowing exactly how to get them, as if the developers are teasing you. Overall, for graphics, controls, and camera angles, i give it a five out of five

On to the gameplay mechanics. Again, nothing shocking, although for some characters, very smart use of the very limited number of buttons on the wiimote and nunchuck. I wont go into to much detail, as i only have so many characters to base it off of, but i do love the use of the flying button for flying charcters being on the nunchuck, not the wiimote. Also, let me just say, the thrill of putting that figure on the portal NEVER fades. i giggle like a little schoolgirl everytime. I also find the hats in the game (yes, like tf2 -_-) that boost ur characters stats inventive and fun. Not only that, but the upgrade system for attacks, while irritating at how expensive the powerful moves are, is fun, considering once u upgrade enough, you have to make the choice to continue upgrading ur primary A button move, or your B or Z button move. Which i found nice, because as if the figures werent personal to each owner enough, if your friend chooses a different level path for the character u have, they can play as two completely different characters, even tho they are the same, they are different. I found that level of gameplay VERY appealing, making it so you actually start to love and care for each of your figures, planning out each upgrade ahead of time.

The sound? clean and crisp, for when u walk on wet land, to the cracking of vases, to the simply epic in my opinion boss music. Although the music, CAN be distracting, is usually nice, and goes with whichever level u are playing. In short? Nothing to right home about, but nice touch.

And finally? is it really worth it? Is activison just raping our wallets, or underneath it all is a ingenious little game? I say for once, activision knows what it was doing. Do i agree with spyro being thrown in there haphazardly? no. Do i like that they put cynder in there? yes, very much. To sum it up, YES the figures are costly, 70 dollars is a LOT of money to drop on this game. But with the sequel coming out this fall, new skylanders coming out, expansion packs to extend the gameplay, plenty to do after the ending to get 100 percent, my verdict is 5 out of 5, BUY IT. Dont pass on this game. I also would not rent it, as u wont get the full effect of really making each character ur own, special to you. If the 70 dollar price tag still deters you, i recomend doing what i did, and going to your local gamestop or slacker’s and trade in a bunch of stuff and get it cheap. So all in all, amazing game

p.s. (wasnt sure where to put this part, but if you get other skylanders, for the bronies, i recomend Whirlwind. (trust me on this one) for people who love tank characters and smashing through shit like lindsey lohan on another drunk bender, i recomend stump smash. Each skylander plays differently. remember that. also, the voice of Kaos, the villian, is invader zim.)

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